Monday, July 20, 2009

Hidden Little Corner

Found a little place near 1u today that is well hidden behind the Kluang Cafe and Bread Story Bakery. I think the cafe is call Lam Mee Place or something like that. Apparently, they serve the most original authentic lam mee? I have no idea what is that but the pictures they have on the wall was definitely very tempting. (Warning, dont go there with a super hunger or else you might order everything on the

Anyway, my colleagues cant stop talking about it because this place apparently serve the meanest nicest Chee Cheong Fan! So, since we are in need of substance and a short break, we walked to the cafe for a short short short short short breakie! We end up ordering not just the Chee Cheong Fan but also Soya Kueh Teow with chicken. And boy oh boy! They were telling me the truth or maybe because they know my taste very well?

The Chee Cheong Fan was smothered in sweet sauce topped with pickled green chillies and fried shallots. The texture, extremely smooth and goes down so wonderfully when you slurp it! Somehow, just cant stop after one mouth! The set comes with a glass of super rich soya bean drink that is mix with minimum sugar. At least they are health conscious and not out to get everyone on high sugar level! It also come with a bowl of soup with 2 meat balls and lo bak! OH MY GOD! I tell you, I do not mind having the soup and meatball without anything else in the future! DROOL!!!!!

he soya kueh teow with chicken, well, nothing to shout about but if you fancy something simple, this is the dish to go. There are other dishes such as curry mee, lam mee, lo mee and many other type of noodle dish. AND for once, I actually remember to snap photos before it got all eaten up!

Oh, we also ordered Royal Milk Tea which is essentially normal milk tea (Teh Chi Peng!) hahaha!! That I forgot to snap until it was too late! HEHE!

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