Sunday, July 19, 2009

Five Thirty Eight in the Evening

5.38pm - Doing absolutely nothing except surf the internet. Babe is taking a nap before his tonight outing, dinner with his colleagues. So, yap, I will on my own tonight and no cooking to do. Just need to iron his work shirt and pants for tomorrow but that can wait. Want to do absolutely nothing for awhile and enjoy it! Have not done much during the weekend. Yesterday was nice slow and easy. Except for the homemade American breakfast yesterday, we ate out for lunch and dinner. Lunch was a simple affair at 2pm near the coffee shop near our place.

I have chicken rice while babe at hot plate noodle with pork chop. Then at night, we went to Kepong Carrefour and ate at the food court nearby. Then off we go back home to have a Heroes movie marathon. Watched till almost 4am before we finally decided to stop and sleep. If we have our ways, we would have watch the whole series in one sitting! Err..hang on, I did that before when I was in Kuching! HAHA!

I woke up at 10.30am this morning and just couldnt go back to sleep no matter how much I want to. Decided to cook stir fry beehoon and pan fry salmon for lunch and also so that we both can pack that for our lunch tomorrow. Babe only finally woke up around noon but we only get to eat around 2pm. Then watched 2 more episode of Heroes and now babe is napping till his colleague call him to join them! Apparently suppose to be some where near here.

What am I going to do while he is out? I have absolutely no idea. I am thinking DURIAN! But no car to go out to buy some. Walking is out. No way am I going to take a 20-30minute walk one-way just to buy durian. And even if I did, I wont be able to hide the smell from babe when he get back. HAHA! The thing is, babe is stopping me from eating durian because each time I took some, I will sure be sick the very next day for a few days! Frankly speaking, I dont mind! No office or house work! When else can find that!?!?! HAHA!!

Alright, alright, I am letting my true colors show! Enough for now then. I might log on again later if I really absolutely bored!

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