Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chinese Pamela from Baywatch?????

One weekend, after babe and I did a little shopping at Kepong Carrefour and dinner at one of the many coffee shop there (cant remember what we ate), we finally remember to stopped at this small stall selling pau (steamed bun) at one of the walkway the block after Jusco. We have seen the stall many time but always only remember to stop when it is too late to do so. And as usual, promised ourself that the next time we go to Kepong, must remember to buy some pau from the stall and bring back. After all, based on experience, this kind of stalls selling just pau and siao bee (meat dumpling) are usually really nice!

That weekend, somehow, for once, I remembered to remind babe to slow down and stop right in front of the stall so that we can get some pau for next day breakfast. We initially planned to get two char siu pau (red pork bun) and two bak pau (pork meat bun) but upon reaching the stall, I cannot help noticing something that is really really different. I asked the uncle, what is that. He proceed to tell me that it is the Yek Chi Mei pau. HUH?? I know my spelling is wrong but for those that do not know, she is an actress that was famous for her big boobs. Something like Pamela in Baywatch I guess.

Anyway, I cant help myself and decided to get one char siu pau, one bak pau and one yek chi mei! Total damage was more than RM9. Pretty expensive just for three pau but wait, you will know why the pau is named after some lady assets! Look at the photo below. I placed the bun on a plate and into a pot to heat it up the next day for breakfast. From this photo, it sure looks like any other ordinary steamed bun. Right???

WRONG! Look at the below photo. The one with the red dot is the char siu pau and the other huge gigantic pau is the yek chi mei! Yup, the pau is HUMAGOUS! HUGE!!!! NOW you know why the pau is name that yah! HAHA!

Babe and I shared the pau. When I cut it into half, the inside was so full of meat! I mean if I have a scale then, I think it will be more than a quarter pounder. More like a half or 3/4 pounder. The pau was really soft, smooth and most important, just thick enough to make the meat taste super yummy! And hidden in between all those meat, is half a boiled egg. Really yummy!! (Sorry, forgot to take photo!). This is definitely one pau that I dont mind having again but not for breakfast la..maybe lunch or dinner! (And I will try to remember to take photo next time!! HAHA)


headsteadi said...

It's "Yip Chi Mei tai pau", after the famous 70's/80's HK actress Veronica Yip .

The original and famous version of that tai pau is in Taman Connaught in Cheras.

JenJen's Place said...

WOOHOO!!! So that is how its spelled! And thanks for the English name. I can tell babe now! :P

headsteadi said...

veronica yip pulak ... it's amy yip

JenJen's Place said...

ahhh ok..amy yip..wonder babe knows or not :P