Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dont even ask if I am Involved!

10.05pm - Watching the CSI:NY on AXN. It just started. So this is the interesting part when someone somehow died. And then the story goes on.

Today is the 7th day after I got back from Kuching. So, that mean the end of the incubation period for H1N1. This mean that I cannot say every sniffle or cough that I have might me THE flu and need to do self-quarantine. To tell you the truth, the first day I was back I actually did have a rather bad running nose and cough but no fever. Since I was still on leave, decided to wait and see whether it got worse, i.e. fever! Thank god (or too bad!) the running nose and cough got better the next day. So, we assumed that it is just the change from cleaner air in Kuching to super poluted hazy air in KL.

Started work on Friday last week. As usual, after 1week off, tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of work and email to catch up on. I think I have not felt the time fly by so fast since I was in my old company when the customer was making use of me as their personal planner without benefits (not that the customers that I have now is not trying to do the same!). It is great having to work one day and then have two days off during the weekend! I think I never enjoyed my weekend so much since I moved here.

And then it was Monday. As usual, Monday super hectic with all the reports due and on top of this, rushing to prepare the material for our quarterly staff meeting this Friday. Somehow, someway, I always seemed to be involved one way or another either in prepare the presentation for such meetings. Always numbers and data...lots and lots and lots of it! My eyes want to come out of the socket already! Anyway, am glad I got major part of the work done today. So, at least, tmrw when I go for the review meeting with the team, it will be mainly touching up on the slides. Hope boss wont ask to add too many more slides. SIGH!!!

Am looking forward to WEEKEND!!

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