Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terong Assam and Salai!!

I am actually very very lazy to update my blog since I came back from Kuching. Usually, I will update once in the morning at office since I came to work before 7.30am but nowadays, so much work to do and not enough time to do it. The moment I reached my office, I have to force myself to go to the pantry and get a cuppa coffee first and have my breakfast before looking at my emails. Or else, the moment I get started, I will tend to forget about drink and food till maybe about 11am. By then, not much point to eat since lunch is in an hours time!

When at home, already lazy to take out the laptop and put it back again once done. So, rather not touch the laptop. In fact, I didnt even bring back the office laptop home with me nowadays except on weekends and public holidays. Babe is the one that is constantly reminding me to take photos to put in my blog. He say sayang (pity) because already do the blog nicely and for so long, why not continue to maintain it. So surprised when I hear him said that.

Therefore, since hubby already say like that, I be a good wife and listen to him lor! I bet he is getting a kick out of reading this statement! BLUEK!!

Anyway, we didnt managed to buy much stuff back from Kuching although we were back for more than two weeks. In fact, most of our time were spent doing last minute stuff for the wedding. Even on the night before the wedding, we slept at close to midnight instead of turning in early and get our beauty sleep.

But luckily on the day before we go to the airport to catch our flight, we went to Kota Sentosa wet market and got some topioca leaves and terong assam. I never seen this two items here in KL but one of my colleague told me that can find topiaca leaves at the wet market here. But terong assam is definitely not available here. In fact, unless the person is from Sarawak or been there for long duration, they might not even know what is terong assam.

The fruit is yellow is color and look almost like a tomato but bigger and harder. When sliced, the inside looks like a yellow color tomato too but the taste is totally different! Usually, Sarawakian will add this when cooking assam fish or in babe's family, they actually cook it with salai (smoked fish) soup.

So, when we came back to KL, I cooked this on Sunday:

The floating fruit is the terong assam. I have already cooked the salai till soft. So, the whole apartment smell fantastic...DROOL!!

The fruit and pieces of salai

Topiaca leaves cooked with pork rib, minced pork and ginger


dumb-baker said...

Mmmm....can i be your neighbour so that i can have some share of the terong assam? Hehehe! Looks yummylicious!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
U sure wanna be my neighbour ah?:P
But I think bad idea for us to be neighbours ler..u know why? We will never be able to go on diet because will owas tempt each other :P

Dav DiDi said...

Huh??? KL don't have terung assam ?? That's one of my favourite food bo .. hhmm, KL not suit me .. i'll crave for it like crazy ...

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
Come we do business together and import the fruit here to sell!