Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Short Talk: I am going insane

Short one again. I been neglecting my blog! But seriously, not much time and energy to do much after my trip back. So much work to catch up on and things to do. On top of that, I was on leave on Monday, so, need to catch up from that day too. Also, will be going again to Kulim next week on Thursday and will only come back on Saturday afternoon.

I am only glad that I come to work early nowadays and can get some of the work done before 9am when the actual craziness of the day start. I wonder this how it will be for me for the rest of the year. Travel here and there. I mean, next week, I travel. Then, less than a month later, I am on 2 weeks leave back to Kuching! I am looking forward to that eventhough I know there will be plenty of last minutes things to do when I go back. But I am still looking forward to it! :P

Sigh..ok lar, enough for now. Back to work for me..

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