Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lunch @ Izzi Pizza, Pasta & Coffee @ PJ, again..

As usual, every Friday, we will take a break from packed food and go for something different. Yesterday, we decided to go to Izzi at Damansara Uptown since there is a 75% discount promotion there. The condition is that we need to spend a minimum of RM75 before discount in order to get the 75% discount, meaning RM75 but pay less than RM20. Since we been there before and enjoy the food alot, we decided that the discount is definitely worth going for.

We left the office at around 12noon and by the time we arrive, the place is almost bursting at its seam. I mean, there are so many people there. But we were lucky because the moment we arrive, we were able to grab a sit that is nearest to the door and desserts! *grin*. Those that were a few minutes late were not so lucky. In fact, they had to wait to be seated.

Basically, we were given a separate menu with 75% and that is actually almost everything in the normal menu. The discounted menu stated very clearly that the portion are normal size although it is discounted. However, the discounted menu does not include drinks and dessert though. So, I guess that is their cash cow since a single can drink cost RM4.50+ and if you want those refillable type, then RM8.90+.

As usual, I don't have my camera! HAHA! But thanks to one of my colleague enthusiam with her D80 canon camera, she agreed to be my blog food photo supplier (THANKS!!!MUCKS!) hahaha.. So, here we go:

Izzi Cafe - Makes me feel like bursting into songs that goes something like this: Izzi Pizzi, so easy. Yumm yummmy

Cuanaja (RM4.90) - I think one of the ingredient is bitter sweet chocolate. And ermm, we had dessert as our appetizer!! :P hahaha

Cream of Chicken soup(Price: RM2.45) - very thick and creamy. The white color on top is actually cream. Super delicious!

Ceaser salad Full Size (RM4.95) - nothing special about this. Abit dissappointing because the first time we ate them, it was really nice, creamy and the ceaser dressing was fantastic! Don't know what happened this time..

Pollo Tropicale Pizza regular (RM8.20) So so so very cheesy! Very thin crust with plenty of topping. You can see from the pictures that the toppings are practically dropping on the plate.

Margherita Pizza regular (RM6.45) - this is basically tomato and cheese pizza. Simple but delicious!

Chicken steak with pasta (RM7.70) - Chicken with mushroom sauce, pasta and vegetable salad. The chicken and sauce goes perfectly with the pasta. But the salad was abit plain without any dressing on it.

We also had 4 drinks for 4 of us. We paid a total of RM57.05, i.e. average RM14.25 per person. I think for a meal like this, it is pretty reasonable. Not sure when the promotion will end since it was not indicated. I think we might go there again but not sure when though. You know lar, everything is going up in price although the petrol price is dropping. I wonder what excuses the merchants are using now to keep the price at where they are. Thank goodness for places like Izzi Pizza, Pasta & Coffee. At least I can still splurge occassionally without feeling too much burn on the purse.


Kok said...

That's quite a good deal! 75% discount, where can you get that? hahaha! Happy weekends there!:)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Yalor, clever promotion strategy right? But the food is worthwhile and value for money. Sounds like I am doing free advertisement for Izzi!

Aliyah said...

75% on food is simply value for money! I had been there for twice last week. Do check out their cheese cake !!!! Yummy and simply delicious!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi! Welcome ^_^
Twice last week!! WAHH!! Which cheesecake? They have so many choices for dessert till dunno what to try! hahaha...

Definitely am going to go there again but not so soon lor...

Aliyah said...

Hey guys ...

All cheesecakes at Izzi are awesome!!! Apple strudel is the most popular one!!!! So, what's more? Hurry and check out the desserts people!!!