Sunday, September 14, 2008

Note to Self: 12 Sept: 3.30pm

We had a 3 way conf call meeting with the customer and supplier at 2.30pm today. It is our weekly call. Big gave me another lecture and actually asked me if I sense anything different in the way he talked to me today. I of course said yes and he asked me what. In essence, I tried to be diplomatic and answered professionally. It was an hour plus personal talk (thank god that is it personal and private). I am not going to list down what he said but sufficient to say that I finally understand him and my respect for him has increased. However, this does not mean that he does not stressed me out and I am really not happy but I do not want to quit without a fight to proof that I can!

He said something that is super true. We are nobody in the world because even if we cease to exist today, the company, the country and the world still goes on. Life of everyone will pretty much go on eventhough we fail. But if we succeeded in doing something and makes a different, not only we benefited from it in terms of monetary and experience, but the company, the country and ultimately, the world too! I will keep this close to my heart when I am doing my work from now on!

Having said that, I do think Big need some more subtle people management skills! His intention is good but the way he did comment lar. But at least I know what his intentions are, and they are good, I am glad as I wont take it personally anymore. It makes life in the office much more pleasant!!!

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