Wednesday, September 17, 2008


PHEW! It has been a really long turbulent two weeks and my thoughts, feelings and emotions has gone from super depressed to extremely peaceful now. Well, not exactly peaceful since I still have a lot of work related and wedding issues to settle! So what there are challenges. Like all things, this too will past! But the most important thing is that I learn something from all this right?

AT LEAST I learned that my bigman is actually someone good in the heart although his method of guiding and coaching us is truly unorthodox! But then again, once I look pass all those, I can see that he is really just a little naggy, rough on the edges but want the best for everyone especially the company! Hard as it is for me to accept that but the heart-to-heart talk we had last Friday, or rather, he talked, I listened and trying EXTREMELY hard not to shed any tears (which I am proud to say I succeeded because no matter what, never ever shed tears in front of anyone other than your love ones!!) really literally opened my eyes.

So, do I enjoy my job again now? Well, I am not so sure as it seems that God is really testing me and throwing one challenges after another at me. But I AM learning to cope with stress and handle situation better. Also, I am re-looking at the way I do things and realised that I really really need to improve myself in terms of minor details. I tend to overlook things in my haste. So, that is one thing that I really need to change if I intend to be a good planner! Must remind myself to slow down, breath and look at the things again! Don't rush and better to do things right the first time then being discovered that there is an error!

I can't believe that I am sitting here in my living room with poor sick babe in the bedroom. I am still awake because it is public holiday for me tomorrow but not for babe. His company is situated in the state of Selangor and by right, it is a holiday for him. But because his company is of those old-style chinaman-style-calculative company, they don't get to have off on a public holiday. I am watching Sci-Fi, Tru Calling marathon and try really hard to keep my eyes open!!! hehe..

Hence, the bottomline is I finally UNDERSTAND! Hhhmmm...does this mean that I have grown up now and is in the grown up world?????

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