Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Shall I do Today?

Hhmmm....what will I do today? Shall I go out? After all, as babe's sis said, I will not be having many of this opportunities to be on my own in the future. Initially, I do agree with her but after some more thinking, I am pretty sure that I will because my current job might require some travelling. I doubt babe will be able to follow me everywhere that I might be traveling to. We did discuss that if I go to places that we both want to visit, all he had to do will be to buy the air ticket and go with me. After all, he will not have to pay for the hotel and so forth. Kind of like a semi-sponsored holiday. But then, of course he wont be able to do all the time or else his boss will most likely kill him! hahaha

Ok, so back to the topic of what I will do today. I was tell RK that I think I will just stay at home alone. I mean it will be perfect as I most likely will have the house all to myself for this few days because babe's friend's wife is also back in hometown and most likely babe's friend will be out visiting his friends and having fun. So, this would mean that I can relax and do not have to be so lady like! I know some of you might not be able to imagine this but I look forward to be able to go around the house without my bra (HAHAHA!) and sit anywhere and anyhow I want without worrying about indecent exposure!

Also, since there is no one here, babe will not always have to whisper, "Your things showing." That is his way of telling me that my cleavage is showing. He does that alot actually even when we are in town. I mean, we go out together mar, and he sees what I wear BEFORE we leave the house, if he thinks that it is too low cut or revealing, he could have said something then and I can decide to change into something else or not.

Instead, he have to whisper that and tell me to do something about the cleavage while we are somewhere in the mall or food center. How in the world am I am going to change then?But sometimes I will purposely lar wear something a little more low cut than usual when I am with him because I know he will get irritated. So mean and naughty of me *evil grin* Well, it is fun to know that your man get jealous of other men looking at his girl mar! bluek!!! (I know, you guys reading this will never understand that^_^)

Anyway, today laze at home, tomorrow is work as usual. Plan to stay back after work and go for a walk around 1U. Perhaps have dinner on my own with a good book. Plan to go to the PayLessBook for some more second books at 1U. It is on the 2nd floor of the new wing, some where near Jusco. If you are coming from the old wing, just walk pass Big Apple Donut and you should be able to find it on your right. (This is for those that is interested to get good second hand English books).

Saturday planned to stay at home again, sleep, eat, watch tv, read books. Boring I know but dont get the chance to do that much during weekdays. I was just complaining to my friends in Kuching how long the days are here during working day. Although technically speaking, the working hour for me here is actually half hour shorter than in Kuching, but plus the commute time in the morning and evening, really stretched out.

I will wake up at 6.30am in the morning and leave for work at 7.30am for my job that starts at 9am. Depending on the jam, I will usually reach roughly half hour earlier, 8.30am at the parking. Then walk to my office will take about 10minutes. Office hour is officially till 6pm but I almost never leave on time. Mostly around 6.20-6.30pm then take the 10minutes walk back to my car. (Oh forgot to mention that I will take another 10min walk to my car during lunch time and move it to save parking fee and 10min back to work of course). Depending on the jam again, I will arrive home around 7.15pm. If it rains, I might even arrive home AFTER 8pm.

Then if I cook, we will eat around 8pm-ish. Clean up, laundry and bath. By then most likely around 10pm. Watch TV and sleep around 11-12pm. Then the day start itself again. It is only during weekend or public holiday the routine will change. Even then, the past 3 weeks, we didnt spend time at home much. Instead, we went to the mall for 4-5hours. Gasp!

So, next few days, going to take the opportunity to stay home as much as possible. Thinking of going to the Giant supermarket nearby and buy some lamb for dinner. Eating alone mar. Easy. Whatever also can! hehehehehe..ok loso (nagging) from me.


Netster said...

Okay I got to go out for Bak Tuk teh, you better stay at home and home alone. LOL

cheers :)

kinda like long time no visit hope you are well.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Netster,

~>_<~ go bak kut teh no need invite me one?? Some more ask me stay at home alone ~~~~~>_<~~~~~

Yar, loooong time no visit and me oso loooong time no blog hopping! Miss u too!! MUCK! hahaha