Monday, May 5, 2008

My Loneliness

Babe back from Kuching yesterday!!! Cant believe how boring life is without him here during the holidays and weekend. I basically didn’t step out of the house much at all. I guess you can call it astro series marathon. The time babe is away was actually suppose to be the time I go all out and have fun on my own. But instead, what I did was laze around the house most of the time. Even on labors day itself, I did not step out of the house at all.

What did I do? Let me see. Woke up around 10am and then make myself some breakfast. Cant even remember what I ate. Then was so bored that around 2pm, I decided to cook for dinner. Yes, it was 2pm, that was not a typo. Took out the chicken and prawn to defrost. After leaving the frozen food in the kitchen sink, I proceed to watch 2 show on astro. Around 4pm, I marinated the chicken with salt and pepper. I intend to deep fry them and nevermind that I am frying more than quarter chicken just for the myself and babe’s friend. I intend to bring the leftovers to office for lunch the next day.

Of course, by deep frying the chicken, I essentially also broke my plan to detox while babe is not around. I was going to be a good gal and eat only healthy food for the few days that babe is not around. I figure that was the only time I could do this without tempted by babe to sabotage my diet plan yet again. However, I did not factor in that I will be so bored that I cannot help but start foraging around the house for food! Any food to fill up the empty void!

And on Friday, work! I was never so happy to go to work. That is when time will actually pass faster and at least I will have something to do. My plan was to walk around the mall near my office right after work and have dinner there when I am tired of walking. Maybe eat something light or something. After all, one day binging is more than enough for the poor stomach! Not to mention the fact that I been resisting going to the washroom at home unless I absolutely have to! (squatting toilet remember?ugh! Ouch!)

Anyway, I did managed to go round the mall but after walking for more than an hour, I realized that nothing captivate me anymore. WOW! This is actually terrifying. After being here for under one month, I am actually bored of the mall! Maybe this have something to do with the fact that I can’t simply indulge in impulse buying since babe and I am on a tight budget. We have to be if we want to save up for our new place and also our wedding plans later. Or perhaps, I am really am bored of the malls? Nothing looks fresh or interesting anymore.



So, Friday, ate Burger King (yar yar! Boriiiiiiiinnnggg! Don’t care! Bluek!!!) And then went two door down to buy the Big Apple Donut that Kuchingnites are currently raving about. Bought 6 pcs for RM9.50. And then go home lor. What else! I gave up actually. The old wing and new wing just looks the same to me after a while. I reached home around 9pm-ish and the road was absolutely empty.

Even the Sunway toll was free of cars. I was truly happy and relaxed. It was a well known secret among friends in Kuching (and my parents & their friends..sigh!) that I absolutely love to drive fast. I mean super duper fast. Of course that had to stopped when my dad swapped my Honda Accord for a Kenari. I remember when I was doing my Masters part-time in UNIMAS, when we were leaving the campus around 8 or 9pm one day, I actually raced unintentionally with one of the classmate that was actually driving a sports car! (by the way, I WON! Hahaha)

So, I was definitely very happy when I can drive my Hyundai Accent RX-S on the nice big smooth highway! But I don’t get to do that much mainly due to the traffic jam whenever I am actually on the road. But also because if I am driving with babe in the passenger sit, he will give me this grimace and I can imagine him pressing on the imaginary brake with his feet! Heheheh..

So to maintain peace and not give my babe high blood, I might as well slow down to what he consider as acceptable speed. So, yah, I enjoyed the trip to LCCT yesterday to pick him up! I drove the car up to 100-110kmph but could have gone faster were it not because I was worried I miss the turning! Sssshhhh!!!!!!

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