Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Raising Sun on a New Day

I feel like crying! I am a very very lucky girl because despite all my despair and worries, I realised that I truly have plenty of wonderful friends both in the real world and blogger world! I do not how else to describe this other than saying thank you very much. I am truly touched by all your kindness and sincerity. It is a truly amazing feeling and it makes me realised that there is always a silver lining to every cloud. (Although I do still think that God have something against me! hehe).

Of course, the truly crazy email avalanche between 4 girls were fun too. We are based in different location and one of us is in different time zone. So, in order to communicate, we start an email to all the other 3 girls and the girls will reply and reply and reply. Were really chasing after the emails and trying to response to as many as possible. Imagine this, one girl will talk on a topic to the other 3 girls, and the other three girls will answer at the same time and the answer might or might not be the same. If the answer is not the same, then, another one or more girls will response to that particular email. It is like having multiple thread of conversation using emails! hahaha..it was really fun. Without realising it, I counted more 100 emails in my outbox when I was about to leave last night!

I was actually on half day leave this morning. Need to sent my car to the auto glass shop to have the front passenger seat window replaced. Cost me RM180~!! (Can see my money grow wings again and fly off). It only took them about half hour to replace the window and get it up and ready. Really impressed with their professionalism. And of course, it helps that I am the first one there at around 8.15am and hence, no queue.

After that, as it is still early, I sent my car to Sunny Hill Car Wash to get the car clean up. Only one other car was there. Unlike during weekends, there were no rush to finish washing as many cars as possible, they really wash my car with a lot of attention and car. Imagine roughly about 6-7 guys doing the hosing down the car, spray the car with snow wash soap, wash of the soap, dry, vacuum and spray with polish. Really pity my car because there is scratch here and there liaw and the front skirt is broken. Havent have the time to send it to be patched yet. I did asked around though for the price to patch them, expecting another RM500 flying away!

Feeling rather sleepy now actually after having a rather large lunch at Simply Sedap. Ate nasi goreng kampung with fried chicken wing! I think my colleague currently in Germany will be salivating again when I start telling her about the wing! hahaha.. She was telling us that she cannot even find raw chicken wings in the supermarket but there is pork everywhere! To me, that sounds like heaven. Just imagine having pork sausages, pan fried!!! DROOL!~!! We do have pork sausages here in Kuching, hidden in some non-halal corner of a supermarket. But usually those are extremely EXPENSIVE and I think I rather eat gold dust powder sprinkles than eating that.

I wonder if I can persuade my friends to go with me the My Restaurant again to have pork rib and bacon again or not. RM34++ but I think it is worth it because there is 4 large pieces or rib plus a rather think slab of bacon garnish with tasty crispy potato wedges and fresh very green vegetables. Just thinking about it makes me shallow my saliva! Too bad we all forgotten to take pictures of our food that day. Too hungry! So, if you guys want to see the picture, help me to persuade my friends to go! hahaha..


Rose said...

Hi Jen!! Wow, you on food craze again? hehehe! When we suppose to have a gathering before you off to KL har??

Jen's Place said...

yar yar..been thinking about food alot lately! must be the stress!

Gathering anytime also can. How about this weekend but I dont want to be organiser bohhhh

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Jen's Place said...

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