Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Deep Fried Chicken Wing - Craving!!!!

I can smell fried chicken wing!!!!!! Aiyeh, I think it is from the cafeteria just above my office. The ventilation must be not working properly. Wah seh, can imagine the taste of the fried chicken wing although I just had one just now for lunch. As I said, we went to Simply Sedap for lunch and I order Nasi Goreng Kampung Special. It is basically fried rice with anchovy, eggs, chillies with cucumber slices and a fried chicken wing as the side dish. Cost around RM7 I think or less. Cant remember. All I know is the smell in the office now is so tempting that I feel like going for nasi lemak later for dinner! Geezz, there goes my diet plan! Of course, browsing thru toosuperheroes blog didn't help me much and make me shallow may saliva to prevent myself from drooling.

It is actually 5.36pm now and I am thinking whether if I should go back home or go out lepak (jaywalking??)? After all, my mom might decide to start nagging at me again today. Still thinking where to go without spending too much or EATING too much. Been to Kaya & Toast this morning for breakfast. So, not very keen to go there again although their nasi lemak is not bad. I dont mind places like Coffeebean or Starbuck since I can bring my book there and read while sipping ice blended coffee and eating super rich cheesecake. But gasp, so pricey! Need to save $$$.

But then I can finally use my Starbuck voucher that HSBC gave me for my birthday. Yar, they sent me a voucher in the mail for a cup of coffee from Starbuck. So kiam chiap (stingy) right? I remember the other time it was actually a massager from Ogawa. Not sure why they change to something so cheap. I mean, surely I have been spending enough using their credit card! It really makes me tempted to cancel off the credit card before I go off to KL. Thinking that it is rather inconvenient to make payment once I am there. Here, it is pretty easy because I just need to drive about 20 minutes to the bank after office hour and bank in. Even then, I am feeling lazy to go make the payment. Haven't paid for my last month bill..gasp!!!

OOooo...maybe I should drive down after work and make the payment. And then go some where for dinner and kai kai (walk walk). Window shopping also alright right? I mean, you never know. I might find something that is so irresistibly cheap and something that I simply must have while doing my window shopping. Then it will make the window shopping worthwhile lor! Alamak, I am really loso (talkative). How come I can talk so much!

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