Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scary World-Thank God I have no Kids Yet

I often wonder why life grows more complicated as we grows older. It seems that even though as an adult, things are suppose to be easier because we have more control over our actions, actions which was supposed to be governed and guided by experience that we have previously. However, we can all testify that this is not often the case. For most things, it seems that we rely more on emotion and feelings rather than what we know is to be the logical ways of doing things.

For others, there are simply no logical explanation to the action a person decided to take. For example, what help a person to decide to kidnap a child and then proceed to torture and rape a child? A child have no knowledge what does all this mean but an adult definitely understand that this is wrong. What drives someone to make the decision to ignore the right and proceed to harm an innocent human being. I guess we will never know unless we delve into the mentally unstable thought of the person.

What more, the craziness seem to have escalate beyond comprehension based on the post titled Living In Fear by JangBokJae is true. I simply cannot imagine how did anyone have the nerve to approach kids accompanied by their mother and demand that the mother handover her child to them at knife point. I can only say OH MY GOD!! I don't know if anyone are able to make sense of this at all. There were time when parents have no fear to let their children out of the house by themselves. No fear at all to let them walked to the playground accompanied by their oldest. Now, even a walk to the next door neighbor might post some danger.

I try to remember unforgettable incidents of my own childhood that is littered with both happy as well as sad memories. My parents were pretty strict. My brother and I were only allowed to play outside the house compound at certain time of the day. Other time, either our friends will come over or we will just play in the car porch. But never ever in my memory do I remember my parents having real fear of letting us go outside. I can actually still remember we will 'borrow' some white chalk from school and draw boxes on the ground just outside the gate to play hopscotch. Sweaty and laughing, having fun while our mothers are either in the house watching tv or cooking dinner with the knowledge that her children are safe playing outside.

I am just glad that I do not have any children in this time of chaos. Yes, to me, this is exactly what it is. I am extremely surprised that the authorities are taken each case of child disappearance as separate incidents instead of compiling a statistics on how serious this has become. I was taught as a student that children are the lifeblood of a nation because they are the ones that will be building the future. However, how can the children thrive in such environment? Somewhere, somehow, something must have gone wrong.

I sincerely hope that with the current general election, the candidates that wins will look into this seriously and EFFECTIVE actions taken. A country with raising uncontrollable crime rate not only have direct impact on the safety of the people living in the country but also on the economy. Who in their sane mind would want to come to throw their money to invest in a country where their employee can be shot, their goods stolen or premise of business break into? How will the investors convince people to work in a country where their kids can be kidnapped, raped and murdered? I will not even mention what this will do to the tourism industry that we are so dependent on....

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