Friday, January 18, 2008

My Addiction

Judging from my luck the beginning of this week, I am actually phobic to start jumping up & down with joy and anticipation. Like I said, I might be jinx or God have something against me having what I wish for. Johnny Ong would shake his head and tell me to trust in God! But sometimes, it can be rather hard especially there seem to be a trend. Or is it me being overly sensitive? Ok, ok, I am being paranoid!!!

OK here goes:
Another 6 hours before I fly-off to meet my babe! Trying real hard not to start jumping in my seat. Could hardly sleep last night (or maybe that is the coffee that I drank around 4.30pm yesterday? Didi!!! It is all your fault!! HAHAHA). Only finished packing my bags around 11pm. Actually, the first packing was done by 10pm but when I stand on the scale with my bags to test the weight, I decided that I better change to the wheel-less bag to reduce the weight just in case its overweight when I check-in. Luckily, I am going to be using MAS this time or else I will definitely be paying through my nose.

And this morning, I leave the house extra early to collect the pork that I ordered from 7mile. Imagine my shock when the shop owner told me the total is RM115! Without realising it, I have ordered almost 9kg worth of pork meat from different part of the pig. Oh well, my babe is going to have a great feast. Hopefully, the pork will be able to last him until the time when either one of us visit each other. If not, then he will just have ration it or go buy the organic pork.

So, 9kg pork + 7 kg tikar = 16kg. That leave just about 4-5kg for my bag! Aiyoo...I hope the MAS personnel is feeling generous today and let me check-in without the overweight charges. OMG! Just realised that if I have to pay for the charge, then the pork will cost more than those organic ones....Or maybe I will move some clothes behind:P That would be a fantastic excuse to go shopping! haha..

Hopefully the hotel that I am staying will have some kind of internet access. With my current addiction to blogging, I am not sure I will be able to survive 9 days without sharing almost every detail of my life and thoughts. I am even asking my babe if he can send me to somewhere with free wifi when he goes back to work after lunch. Sufficient to say that he felt so kek tiok ( to translate kek tiok to English? Frustrated+Irritated+Unbelieve??).

I am even having withdrawal syndrome this morning because I was too busy to update my blog or go blog-hopping! The temptation was so great that I actually open my mozilla a few times and type in my blog url but close it again when I realised what I am doing. Oh boy! This is getting severe! Do we have rehabilitation centers for blog addicts? hahaha..

Well babe, at least you are competing with the computer & internet only and not another guy! :P

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