Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boulevard Kuching

Oh no, not again. The craze has started again and this time is another new mall in Kuching. Yup, you guessed it liaw, The Spring opens today! Once again, I do not understand what the fuss is all about. I mean, the anchor store is not even something new to us Kuchingnite. It is just the plain old Parkson. Ok, so the name is a little grander, Parkson Pavillion. Ok, so Sushi King and Starbuck will also be there. And a few other stores that is well known to people in KL. So? I still dont get what the fuss is all about...Am I a dungu (dungu = slow and stupid)?

I was feeling rather happy today because I thought I finally will be able to go to Boulevard in peace, peace from all the traffic jam and people crush. I mean, surely all the crazy Kuching people will move themselves and their cars to The Spring. After all, that seems to be the trend so far. Everytime, there is a new place, we the Kuchingnite unites and go in super huge group, determine to jammed up the road. Oh, and not forgetting, snatching every item in sight as if it is either on super cheap sale or free!

Anyway, my parents, sis, bro and myself left the house around 10am and first stop was dad's office at Seng Goon Garden. We were rather surprised that the carpark at the shoplot was full and so is the back. At the time, I didnt think too much of it, but now thinking back, I realised that some people actually park at there and walked all the way to Boulevard. To give you an idea how far is that, imagine walking from BB area to KLCC!(Yah, I did that once with my babe and make him promise that he will NEVER ask me to do that again!) That is how far it is!!!!

The next stop was breakfast at BDC. Even this place is jammed packed with people. Not sure if all this people out of the house is because of the public holiday or they too want to have an early start before starting the 'battle'? After that, we went to my grandma and as we are leaving, dad says, let go and 'survey' the situation at The Spring. Want to see how jam it is. Oh my god! My bro say, ok, I will sleep first. Tell me when we are there (his way of anticipating the traffic jam we will be in). Since dad is driving, we have no choice but to let him.

Surprisingly, the jam was not too bad. I mean, there were alot of cars parked at road side, illegal parking no doubt (I wonder where is all the police! They will for sure make their target today if they issue summon in front of The Spring.) And as we passby, we can see empty parking spot in the parking lot. This should have been a sign of what will be happening at Boulevard. The moment our car turn from the third mile roundabout into the road leading to Boulevard, we are almost at a standstill. I mean, the jam is so bad that even the flyover is jammed!

Mom & Dad insist that we go on. So, dad got bro to drop us all off at the back entrance and get him to go look for parking (Smart dad! haha). Inside Boulevard, especially the supermarket, it is really a nightmare for me. There are so many bodies in there that I am glad the aircondition works well. I was really practising my patience as well. Somehow the people at the back of me just have the tendency to lost control of their trolleys and push it up my butt! Me of course, turned and glare at them. But little good did that do. They just turn away and pretend that nothing happened. Very good make-duno-attitude! hhmppff..

Of course, there are those inconsiderate few that just have to parked their trolleys in the middle of the lane while they look at whatever that interest them. And even when you politely say excuse me, they somehow have temporary hearing problem and simply ignore you! GGRRRRrrr... Of course, the ladies at the toiletries just have to start introducing to you some other brand although you are trying to select from the brand that you already knew is good for you. Yah yah, I know they are just doing their job but for godsake, when I say no thanks once, it mean no! Geez..and they say man dont understand the meaning of no.

But I must admit that there is one good thing about Boulevard. There are so many cashier counters that there is hardly any queue. Most of the counter only have 2-3 customers at each counter. And guess what, ALL the counters are OPEN!!! So, if you ask if I will go back to Boulevard again? Hhmm...yap but not anytime soon. At least not until the craze dies down or I will go when others is working and I am on leave!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there is still a long queue of people applying for Boulevard membership card. The queue was about 25-30pax long. And also a queue at Kenny Rogers, about 10-15pax long. And a queue at Sushi King, also about 10-15pax long. If you decided to brave it, dont say I didnt warn you....


Rose said...

Just read in paper today that 1 car was stolen for parking outside The Spring! Hahaha!

I manage to squeeze myself into the new shopping mall yesterday, but phew! Too many people lah!! I want to faint!

Jen's Place said...

WOW! Stolen car outside The Spring! This reminds me of the advertisement on radio abt some1 loosing their car for parking it anywhere they want instead of proper parking!

hahaha..u are really brave to go The Spring. But most of my colleagues seem to have went there as well yesterday! hahaha.. guess I am really a laggard:P I am just not willing to squeeze and fight all those people I guess...wait till I am braver!

Nick Phillips said...

Actually there are so many malls around my place that I sometimes just don't know which one to visit and furthermore they all have the same shops. So, if you're seen one, you've seen them all. Wifey and me normally look for new food places to eat ...

Happy weekend to you.

Jen's Place said...

In Kuching, our shopping center can be counted using our ten fingers with spares. But recently there seem to be shopping mall craze for the developers. In less than 1 month, we have 2 big malls up and running (fighting with each other for business using whatever tactics I heard). And ColdStorage is also on the way. So, for Kuchingnites, it is a big deal I guess....
Hehehe...when my babe here, he n I also rather look for food!

Rose said...

2 shopping malls for time being is enough, Jen! I cant stand the traffic jams and crowds anymore!

I never thought our Kuching populations are that much!! Where those people from?

Actually both are the same in term of outlets. You can find this outlet at the other mall.

Jen's Place said...

haha...rose, u havent hear my mom complain about her aching feet for 2 days after going to Boulevard on Thursday. And today is Saturday, she is talking about going to the Spring. I think she will have aching feet for 1 week! My poor ears! All the nagging!