Friday, July 17, 2009

Run into a wall and knock my head!

Anyone have a cure for splitting headache? Sigh! Been having headache since after lunch today. We had our quarterly staff meeting today at the Tropicana Golf Club which starts from 8am and luckily actually ends 45minutes ahead of time. Seems that either we are all getting more efficient at presenting what we did or just too many issues that the boss was in attention throughout last quarter. Either way, it works well for me because I am glad to have valid reason to go home early.

Anyway, the reason I am having a headache, the meeting room was so cold that I actually try to curl up against myself just to keep warm. With the room being so cold, everytime we go out for a breaks and as all meeting of this kind, we have morning break, lunch and afternoon tea but dont worry, I didnt whack much at all. The food was HORRIBLE!SIGH Cost cutting here and there I guess. I have digress, so the room was cold, outside hot, cold and then hot and then cold and then hot, this cycle is definitely not good for those that is prone to being sick. Me, I always thought I will not have a migraine ever again but how wrong of me.

So, if you guys know any cure for headache, I would sure appreciate it. Guess what cure babe gave me to get rid of the headache. (And for those that is thinking of SOMETHING else, NO! It is not THAT!). He told me to run into a wall and knock my head against it!!!!!! And he said that with a goofy smile. So bad lar him! HHMPFF! This husband of mine, sometimes, I really feel like giving him a big kick. Luckily I am in a good mood since the weekend is here or else sure I will show him my silent war face! GGRR!!!

Ok lar for now. I know, my post seemed to be getting shorter and shorter but dont blame me, blame the migraine :(

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