Thursday, February 21, 2008

My 2nd Time

For those of you that actually have senget (slanted) thoughts when you read the topic, you better banish them immediately. I am definitely not talking about THAT. Instead, I am talking about the fact that this is the second time that I tender my resignation in my work life. The first time, it was done with glee as the boss was definitely insane and I think he need to consult a psychiatrist. (The last time I hear, he had to resign voluntary or risk being kicked. Reason? Sexual harrassment of another MALE colleague! funny?! I want to laugh but I better behave myself).

I was so happy about leaving that company that I don't mind giving just one week notice especially since the new company offered to buy out the rest of the notice period. I can still remember the day I hand in the letter to that boss. I waited for so long and keep calling the secretary to check if he is back to his office. Finally, I decided I can't wait and just leave the letter with his secretary. About half an hour later, I got a really fierce phone call from that boss to go to his office. In the room, together is his PA (a young man....) and he proceed to give me a lecture and at the end of it he said I betrayed him. Huh? I betrayed him? I think he must be thinking that he is God and I am so desperate or respect him so much that I will work the rest of my life under him. Or perhaps he thinks that I enjoy being mentally tortured by him giving me a showdown for no apparent reason at anytime of the day?

My second time was a rather tough decision for me. It was actually a rather painful process. I really enjoy what I am doing as it allows me to interact with customers from all over the world. On top of that, I know I am good at what I do. Of course, the fact that the work is challenging has contributed to making the work more fun as well. I also am one of those lucky few that have colleagues that are really nice and we go out to lunch almost everyday together. Actually, 4 of us gals from the originally only left 2 but we gals have become very firmed friends. We go out for gatherings and makan (dining) just for good laugh and catch up. Did I say that I will really miss them? Oh, I did...sorry, feeling sad because leaving them behind.

It is also a tough decision not only because of the obvious reason that it is a big huge step to relocate but also because I need to leave earlier than the required 3 months notice. I guess I am feeling guilty for suddenly dumping this on my boss (boss of obi). I can see he was really in shocked when I submit my official resignation to him yesterday morning. We barely talked for more than 15minutes and most of the time he was silently trying to digest the news. After I left his office and the rest of us had our usual weekly with obi, obi requested a personal meeting.

I will not elaborate what when on during the meeting with obi. Sufficient to say that I felt really pissed off and can't wait to leave after that. Although after calming down today, I realised that she does not really meant what she said during the meeting in the way that I felt it is. But rather, it is just how she is, perhaps having the best intention in the world but when the words come out from her, it just sounds like criticism and sarcasm. (Yah, I can afford to be generous with my feelings for her now....hahaha)

I guess I am really touched by my boss gesture and I am happy to know that what I have done for the company and him, he appreciate. I will not elaborate on what he said to me within the four walls of his room as those should always be kept private and confidential. But enough to say that I really didn't expect him to do what he did. It really makes me wish that I can tell him to tear up my resignation letter and tell the other company that I am not going. But as all things, nothing is perfect and the decision not only impact me alone.

Boss, if you do 'stumble to this personal place of mine' and if you are reading this, I hope you can understand how tough this decision is for me. I am very very very touched and honored to know that I am a valuable part of your team. Honestly, I did not have a restful sleep last night thinking over this. But having said that, unless the miracle happen, I really am not able to do much. This is the path of least resistance for me...


Nick Phillips said...

Well, at least you've finally tendered in your resignation.

So I guessed you're all prepared for your new job. Here's wishing you the best of luck, then.

Jen's Place said...

Thanks..I will be needing all the luck and well wishes that I can get^_^