Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Typical Man Answers

3 days! 3 days! 3 days! hahahaha! I can tell that my babe is very excited about this Friday also but he being the man, always try to act cool lar. Typical conversation this few days (including this morning :P) :

JenJen: You know how many more days?
Babe: Dont know.
JenJen: 3 days lar! Excited or not?
Babe: Nolar. What for excited?

And then he will launch into his daily reminder for me so that I wont forget to bring this from his house, buy that from that place, go see his dad to get this and call him mom to remind her that. And the list goes on. So, yap, he is excited too! I just dont understand why he has to pretend to be manly and act like he is not. hhmm..gals, your partner does that too? Hehehe..Oh well, what to do? Who ask me to find him adorable, cute & irresistible!

The list started with something very simple only actually, go buy a few kg of raw pork from the shop at 7 mile. Get the 3 layer pork, soft bone pork and also meaty part of the pork. I do this almost every time I go KL. Buy and smuggle the pork into the cargo (check in lar). I will freeze and wrapped them in many layers of newspaper before sealing them in carton box. Babe complained that the pork in KL somehow tasted different especially the so called organic pork. Not to mention that fact that it is super expensive compared to the normal pork.

Anyway, the list this time include his t-shirt, shorts, blanket, bedsheet, medicine, boxer from such and such shop and tikar (floor mat). hahaha, yes tikar! It is those weaved ones and this is the reason that I will be going to his dad's shop tomorrow after work to collect them. I am estimating it to be about 6-8kg. That plus all his order mail order, plus my own clothes, I hope I wont be charged with overweight charges when I check-in.

Luckily he did not ask me to tapau any kolo mee and Sarawak laksa this time. Or else I will have to smuggle those onto the plane itself in my backpack! Try imagine carrying a few packets (around 10pkt total) in the backpack and carrying them on your back. Sort of like a warmer without the comfort? I ever offered to buy the laksa paste and cook for him when I go there instead me buying the cooked version. Much simpler and less messy to bring. But he rejected. Reason, no nice sambal paste how to eat? Jiak Lak~! So choosy! I thought the beggers cant be chooser.....

Ooopss...does the above sounds like I am complaining? @_@

Ok, yes, I am complaining in a loving way lah. At the end of the day, no matter how tedious and bothersome it is to rush here & there to get the things he asked for, I guess I will still do them lar. hahaha! Am I an idiot? ^_^


Rose said...

not idiot! too in love! hehehe!

Jen's Place said...

rose- yah, the things we do for the man that we love....