Monday, January 28, 2008

Living in Alternate World

Finally back to work today. Still feeling abit blurred and have that floaty feeling, like the world is unreal and I am still dreaming. I guess it is to be expected after 1 week of lazing around and doing whatever when I feel like it. Of course, wishing really hard that I am really in a dream now and wishing that I will never have to wake up and face the day. I think I am looking forward to most would be my blog.

Feeling abit depressed now because I just realised that I did some paperwork & system error in July last year and now need to think back and see how to clean the mess up. Ai yai yai. So tempted to pretend it does not exist or that the problem will go away on its own. But I know that it wont and I will need to explain what happened and see how to do damage control. What a mess! Sometimes I wonder just what is going on with me. I mean I am someone that dislike making mistakes and seldom makes them. When I do make them, it really makes me wonder about my competency.

It also makes me wonder if I am bored with my work and starting to slip? Yah, I know my weakness, I have the tendency to get bored easily. The more routine the work is, the more bored I become, then the more careless I am. I know there are alot of helpbooks that talks about motivating yourself, blablabla. But seriously, how many of those helpbooks actually help? Firstly, to read them, you have to first place your in the right mindset (read that somewhere:P) and then after that, you need to analyze and try to understand what the author trying to say with an open mind. Errr...if I have all those, I wont be needing a helpbook in the first place right???

Ok, so here I am, living in my alternate reality now. Trying hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand and trying to prioritize. Seriously speaking, looking at my jobscope now, I really think it is time to change. Of course, one of the factor that contribute to this feeling is because I know eventually I will have to get up and go since my babe is in KL. Another contributing factor is of course my obi that is forever the incompetent b8tch that she is and always will be that create the unmotivated atmosphere here. Then of course, another factor is because I am simply bored....bored bored bored...

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