Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to Remember?

FINALLY, training is over and now I can enjoy the real holiday or as my Japan customer like to say, vacation! And yes, I miss you all alot & especially itching to go online and start blogging. I do have some pictures but unfortunately, me being old liaw and absent minded, forgotten to take photo of the food we have TGIF until we paid and got out of the place. Babe lar, didnt remind me! hahaha.. We were both too hungry (dinner was around 9pm) and by the time the food was here, we just attack it without stopping until every last scrap is gone!

Yah yah, I pigged out since I arrived on Friday and went to SS15 for supper! hehe... I actually make my babe promised to bring me there to have the oyster omelette even before I got on the plane. And up to today, I think I must have gained so much weight that I dont even dare to think about it! All the diet and exercise effort going down the stomach! But I cant resist mar.

And then you know lar, training time is actually equal to makan time mah! We are suppose to start at 9am but were asked to come in at 8.30am so that they can serve us breakfast in the seminar room. And then class starts at 9-ish. Morning teabreak at 10.30am, lunch at 12.45pm and class starts again at 2pm, afternoon teabreak at 3.30pm and class ends around 4 .30pm. We hardly had time to digest our food and the digilent & fantastic waiter-in-charge will quietly wheel in the trolley with food for teabreaks.

I sometimes wonder why do they feed us with so much meals during training. Is it to keep us awake or maybe they are charging us too much and decided that they better feed us to keep us from complaining? I wonder who started this trend of meals every 2hour plus during training. Yah yah, I know, I can always say no thanks right and stay away from the teabreaks especially. But how many of you can actually resist those tiny cute little pastries that you know will melts the moment you pop it into your mouth.

Serve some yummy walnut chocolate cake with coffee and I will not even remember to resist! Eiks! JUST only realised now that I did not even take any picture of the food eventhough I have my digital camera with me all the time! Oh man! Anyone have training how to remember to take pictures for blogs!! Too bad you cant see me now. I am at Starbuck in a shopping mall that is linked to the hotel. I come here just to check my hotmail and blog! Can I smack myself on the head now? sigh...in Sarawak I will be called 'ngok' which means stupid (but direct translation mean PIG!)


Rose said...

Hi Jen! Yes, one thing that i hate about going to seminar, they keep serving us food that we hardly can think well! especially on the topics! :p Make us sleepy only! Hahaha! But then again, if the food is nice, why not have some?

Jen's Place said...

hi rose dear,
Thank god it is easy to find plus size clothes in KL without much difficulties. The way I am going here, I think I will need plus plus plus size!!