Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures - Japan

Went to Osaka and Tenri Nara Japan in September this year. Took some really nice pictures but felt abit dissappointed with myself because I realised that I always seem to forget to take pictures. For example, 3 days in Japan an I only took about 50 pic???? At this age with digital camera, I should have been able to take more!! Jeez.... must start training myself to take picture of everything next time wherever I go on vacation! I even forgotten to take picture of the best monstor crab (deep sea crab) meal that my Sales guy treat me to in Osaka.....

Flowers ready to bloom. When autumn arrive, almost the whole plant will turn pink! Apparently, I arrived 1-2 weeks too early for that.
This is actually a typical house at Tenri Nara. Looks like something out of the movie studio.

One of the 'back' alley in the older part of Tenri Nara. Left and right are either small family owned tuck shop, cafe, trinklet shop or living quarters.

Pagoda near a garden with beautiful lake. This is across the lake from the beautiful house earlier. Imagine waking up to this everyday!

Another temple. Tenri Nara is a historical city with alot of temples.

Old living quarters. Some are no longer in use but for display purposes only.

Path walk from one temple to another. Very clean, peaceful and safe! No need to worry about snatch thieves here.

During Autumn, the trees all turn yellow and red (I was told). Making this a popular place for cameraman to take pictures. Again, I was 1-2weeks too early!

The stone at the side of the steps are filled with name of people that have made contribution to the temple. At the top of the steps, there is a natural spring where you can wash your face and feel more refreshed.

Inside one of the biggest temple in Asia. This pillar is actually the ear of the buddha before it colapsed due to earthquake. Look closely to the left of the pillar and you will see someone crawling out from it.

Deers roam freely in this town. Not only at the temples but also in a park next to the busy main road!

The deers are all very friendly and will even come near you to let you pat them

That is all for now. I have some more but uploading the pictures really takes a long long long time! I hope I will have opportunity to go there again. This time I was lucky as I went there for a business trip and hence everything paid for by the company. The room cost about RM300-400 per night for a pretty good hotel, inclusive of breakfast. Most of the staffs can speak pretty good English. The city is very very safe to go around even for a girl alone. I mean, I had a cultural shock when I was there because people leave their HANDBAG on the chair unattended while collecting food from the buffet tables. I dont think you can do that anywhere else without coming back to your table finding the whole bag gone.
Everyone there is very friendly and polite. Especially if they discover that you are not from Japan. They will make extra effort to help you understand their culture and what they are selling. Unlike in Malaysia, you stand right in front of them at the counter and the CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON an still ignore you! Sheesh! Talk about difference. I missed Japan so much after I came back that I actually went to jobstreet to look for vacancies there! hahaha


SteamyKitchen said...

I love your photos - I've been to Japan several times, but its been soooo long. Thanks for my little virtual vacation!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Steamykitchen, is it too late for me to post a reply to you and say thank you for visiting my blog? ^_^

Yes, I love those photos too and is hoping to go back there again for another business trip *wink*