Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nasi Lemak

How many time have you heard that? There are so many reasons that breakfast is good for you. So, my fav reason would be how it aid in weight lost because breakfast wakes our metabolism after fasting the whole night. Hence, the reason it is call break fast.

Anyway, anyone that says that breakfast is healthy most likely have not been eating like Malaysian has! Rice for breakfast???

So, from today onwards, I will discuss about food people take for breakfast. It could be something I or someone I know ate for breakfast(or might even be someone I don't even know that I peeked 'unintentionally' having his/her mouth watering breakfast).

Nasi lemak

The direct translation of nasi lemak is rice with fat. And to me that is what nasi lemak is exactly. However, I can NEVER resist the freshly cooked nasi lemak (still steaming hot) with rice cooked in fresh coconut milk, pandan leaves and seasoning.

Simplest way is to serve it with spicy sweet sambal ikan bilis (anchovy paste with chillies), roasted peanuts, boil egg, cucumber and salted fish. Occasionally, for a more 'nourishment', served also with deep fried chicken, rendang (curry beef), chicken curry or any other meaty stuff (and high cholesterol) . Basically any kind of side dish goes with nasi lemak as long as it has coconut milk, deep fried, rich or cook in curry.

Some will swear to you that no nasi lemak breakfast is complete without teh tarik, frothy tea that is made by pouring it from one cup to another.


Billy's Mom said...

Aaaah the nasi lemak looks yummy!! I wish know how to make it. Yum yum!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
I will upload the recipe for nasi lemak on my blog. There are pretty easy to make actually. Just the sambal will need a little more time to adjust them to your own preference!