Friday, December 21, 2007

My Big Day?!?!

hehehe...I think my close friends and colleagues (categorised as friends too now) are more excited than me about this. The moment I am back from my weekend romancing and MC, 1st question, how is it? Did he tell his parents already? What they say? Already tell your parents? What they say? hahahaha.. (thanks my friends, I know you all care about me and I am touched!)

Anyway, my babe (ahem, fiance) was back from KL on last Friday night for the weekend. (yar..long distance relationship is no fun ~>_<~).... The official reason he is back is to attend a good friend wedding @ church and dinner reception on Saturday. The unofficial reason: to tell his mom & dad our plan to get married next year!

My babe proposed to me on my first visit middle of this year. Guess he had alot of time to think because he even thought of a date and reason. He wana official be married in the eye of law (register lar!~) on 08 Aug 08 because it will signify the 8th year me & him paktor! To be honest, I totally didn't expect him because my babe is really shy when discussing this kind of stuff. Which is why he really surprised me when he do something romantic! Yah, he melts my heart totally!! hahaha...

We initially plan to register as we both want to save $$ for house, vacation/honeymoon and bb but as we suspect will happen, his mom insisted on church blessing & at least buffet lunch reception after that. Even better if have dinner reception. We then drove to meet his dad @ 7 mile to tell him too (his parents are separated). We hinted and hoped the dad will offer to sponsor the wedding reception.. (hahaha!!) We did not get a direct ok but overall, I think he will say yes. Maybe not for all the whole dinner but whatever help from his dad will be added bonus for the two of us.

So, now that his parents know, we need to inform mine. I am waiting for his mom to 'discuss' with the uncles first and then set appointment to discuss with my parents. Something like chinese mei ren I think. One of the uncles is actually a YB (what position or party? no idea!! :P) I have no idea what or how they will do. I only know that my babe is not suppose to be there. I need to be present with my parents (yah leave all the hard work to me!hmmpff!). The uncles will handle all the 'negotiate' on things like how many tables for the bride, when, where, who, etc. Since this is going to be a mixed race wedding, I really have no idea how it will go or what are the tradition or pantang.Gosh..I am feeling nervous actually!

On Sunday, we actually started to ask around for cost of reception. Went to Li Garden (since my babe wana look for headphone for his hp). The price there range from RM350-450 depending on the menu. The price is not bad as I remember seeing shark fin soup even on the cheapeste menu but it does not include drinks, peanuts and wet towel (add RM25 per table). Cover charge for one crate of beer is RM5 and no charge for liquor. This is pretty fare I guess although hotel would be free. No decoration though. Just a small stage with the backdrop. And dinner ends around 9.30-10pm. The lady didn't believe us when we say it might need to go on until midnight! (read previous story on Bidayuh Wedding).

Oh, I didn't mention that my babe is half Iban (Sarawak Dayak native) and Chinese? haha..So, most likely our reception will end up slightly like the Bidayuh Wedding but without the traditional dancers! I am already imagining the cultural shock my relatives going to have during sadong where the bride & groom will go to each table with liquor and serve EACH guest a shot. Oh yah, the glass is the same one from the first guest to the last. Maybe I should get my babe to skip that for the bride's relatives~ hahaha....bluekk!!!

sigh...whoever said that wedding is the union of two individuals obviously never been married before (or at least not Asian style). Marriage more like the union of TWO FAMILIES with totally different preference, background, needs and requirements.

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